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Mouth masks 2

€ 9,00 € 7,50
Mouth masks 2

Mouth masks 2

€ 9,00 € 7,50

Mouth masks set of 2 pieces for women or men. Protection masks of two layers of 100% high quality cotton fabric with white, elastic ear loops. Reusable by washing.

This face masks are good breathable and soft for the skin.

Available in de color white or black.

Size: universal.

The length is about 7.08 inches (18 cm). The width is about 3,54 inches (9 cm).

Shipping in 2-10 days.

Attention: This product is NOT suitable for medical purposes!

Mouth masks set 2 pieces

How to use the protection mouth mask

The correct use of mouth masks and face masks is very important. Here you will find the explanation:

  • Wash hands thoroughly with hand soap before use,
  • Put the mask on the bridge of the nose over the mouth and chin. Secure with elastics. Provide the maximum connection between the skin and mask.
  • Do not take off the mouth mask in between.
  • Avoid contact between your hands and the outside of the mask,
  • You can remove the mouth mask by grabbing the elastics at the back and then removing them without touching the fabric. Store the used mouth mask in a closed plastic or plastic bag or box.
  • Please wash at 90 degrees and / or with the addition of, for example, Dettol wax.
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap after using the mouth mask.

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